Friday, August 14, 2015

Final Presentation and Last Day

Today was sadly our last day of our internship. We all dressed up, with Nate and I matching, and presented our final presentation to an audience of what looked like about thirty to forty people. I was a bit more nervous than yesterday but it still went very well and my father thought I sounded very confident and "animated." After, we all received a certificate of recognition and a letter of recommendation. I wanted to take a group picture but everyone left before we had the chance to. It was so great to have this opportunity to participate in this internship and meet so many talented, extremely intelligent, and creative people. Even though it probably took about four weeks and a few group bonding activities to become comfortable with everyone, I was able to get to know everyone and all their unique personalities very well. The best part about this internship would probably have to be the environment- the way how everyone was so knowledgeable about their project, and actually excited to learn and teach others. I'm really going to miss everyone, and the fact that I'll probably never see most of them is extremely saddening. I really hope this internship continues and grows because it is one of the best summer experiences I've ever had. Thank you so much for accepting me, this was definitely an experience of a lifetime.

Rehearsing Our Presentation

On Thursday, we all rehearsed our presentations in the large auditorium! It was extremely nerve-racking when I was about to go up to the podium to present, but when I got up there I actually felt relatively confident and excited to tell the story of our project. Nate and I took into consideration the constructive criticism the other interns and Joe and Bob gave us. After, we ate our last lunch as a group where all twelve of us played a game of "President." Then we went back to the lab to work on our presentation and we were able to correct it to perfection!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015


Today we finished our presentation and we are ready to present tomorrow! Our difficulty today was trying to embed our videos into our power point because we can't use YouTube or the internet in our power point. We tried putting it on a USB drive at first so we would simply play the videos after our presentation, but when we tired that, the format of the videos made it so that the videos would freak out when played. Then we asked around to see if anyone could get the video onto the slide, so we used Reagan's computer which has power point initially, then Trevor helped embed the video! After, we gave the presentation over on a USB drive and we will do a run through of our presentation tomorrow!

Perfecting our Presentation!

On Tuesday, Nate and I wanted to get the system working again to see if we could do our tests, so we walked over to the machine shop and had a hole drilled. When we came back, the new light fit perfectly in the new hole, but the image was not very clear and the image was also brighter on one side. We even put a pin hole in front of the light to make the image be more focused, but it didn't work. After lunch, we presented to Aly, but we forgot to time it and that was the initial reason why we wanted to present! She really enjoyed the presentation and gave us minimal things to fix!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Getting the Presentation Ready!

Yesterday we worked on our presentation for almost the entire day. We also talked to Bob and Joe about our broken light so they brought us a pinhole and a really bright light! Then we talked to Aly and agreed to run through our presentation for her the following day to time it and tweak it for this Friday.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Broken Light

On Friday, Nate and I tried to Solder our light back together. Yiquin brought us a switch to see if that was our problem, but it still didn't work even after changing the switch. We tried using a spare light, but it's not as clear as the previous light. Afterwards, we went outside to have our last cookout where we played volleyball and ultimate Frisbee. Then I had to leave early to walk across campus to participate in RIT's college and careers program!

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Presentation Work

Today, Nate and I worked on our presentation in the morning. We wrote our outline on the white board and sorted our who will explain which aspects of our presentation. After, we went to lunch with the other interns. When we came back, we visited Yiquin and Kevin's lab to see how they are progressing with their camera. When we came back to our lab, I found another type of glue for our foam and hopefully this one will finally stick!

Spray Adhesive!

Yesterday, Nate and I went outside with the Schlieren System and the carrying case to glue the pieces together. Then we came back in to let it sit overnight. We also looked at really cool posters that showed some research done during the summer. After, we went to lunch and came back to watch a presentation about life on mars. This was a really interesting topic and the speaker also kept me intrigued with her deep interest in the topic!

Slow Tuesday

On Tuesday, Nate and I worked on our final presentation. We then ate lunch with the other interns and afterwards, I had to leave. It was a very slow day, but at least we are getting prepared for next Friday! We also spoke with Ally and she gave us some adhesive spray glue to glue the foam together!

Busy Monday

On Monday, Nate and I worked on our case for the Schlieren System. We were able to go to the machine shop and get our Plexiglas cut to protect the mirror while it's in the case. After, we ate lunch with the other interns at global village. Later, we did the grey scale tests. This was taking pictures with different exposure levels at different points on the knife edge to see which point would give us the most contrast (clearest image). This time we took two pictures at each point, made data points, and then graphed them on excel.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Graphing and Data

Today, Nate and I first cut the piece of Plexiglas at the machine shop that would be used to protect the mirror. After, we talked to Gary and did our grey value testing. We tested different amounts of light the knife edge covered, each with multiple exposures. We compiled all our data onto spreadsheets and made graphs for each point. We plan on emailing Gary and Aly our results and see if we should retake some images.