Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Overcoming a Hurdle

On Tuesday, Nate and I worked on different ideas further and designed both on inventor. One incorporates a suitcase, while the other one uses a plastic box with wheels and a handle. We showed both ideas to Gary and he liked them, but the next issue was the price. The box and the suitcase are around the same price ($35), but the foam that is placed in the inside is around $50. Gary told us we should get the price down to around $60, but it is almost impossible if we need both foam and a box. To accomplish this hurdle, Nate and I are thinking about building our own box out of the materials we were given, which includes screws, metal bars, and any scrap materials we can find. It's difficult trying to build a box that is lightweight, sturdy, and has wheels. We will try to brainstorm more ideas on Wednesday. Nate, Trevor, and I also visited Yiquin and Kevin's lab, and their 3D camera is coming together pretty well! It is so cool how they built a working 3D camera out of tiny computers, also known as Raspberry Pis, batteries, and two lenses!

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