Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Trial and Error

Today was an extremely busy day. In the morning, I drew an idea Nate and I created to incorporate a hinge into our setup. I used the entire white board, made dozens of calculations and measurements and then I showed it to Gary. He liked the idea so I made measurements on a rod we were given for it to be cut. Then we had pizza for lunch and looked at some cool college projects. After, Gary and I went to the machine shop to have the parts cut and made. A really nice college student helped us cut the pieces and she did an excellent job! I came back to our lab and discovered that the hinge was very wobbly, which was really, really bad. Gary thought of just sticking to the hinge and creating another prototype that doesn't use a hinge, but I want to see if we can still use the cut pieces and create something that doesn't use a hinge and won't be wobbly. After Gary left, I decided to draw the cut piece on inventor. Tomorrow, I will try to build another piece that we will add on using inventor that will hopefully solve our problem. (Pictured is a mechanical engineering student learning how to change the blade on a ban saw, if you look closely, you can see the sparks created from the blade).

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