Friday, July 17, 2015

Relaxing, but Productive Day

Today was a very relaxing day, but very productive. In the morning, we peer reviewed our abstracts. The other interns and instructors agreed that Nate and I should combine our abstracts into one, because there were some parts missing from mine that were in his, and vise versa. After, I came to our lab and I set up the Schlieren system with all the parts and it worked perfectly. As a bonus, it was extremely easy to set up! I then decided to try to make a prototype for the color wheel idea, which uses color filters to enhance the image. I showed the prototype to Aly and she thought it was really cool! I then glued some parts together and drew some diagrams of possible ideas. Lunch was also very fun playing volley ball and eating as a group. It was hilarious how the picnic table almost tipped over! When Nate gets back, I think we will get the pieces for the phone holder and write more of our final essay. (Pictured is the color wheel prototype attached to the working Schlieren System)

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